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    Hello Everyone,

    My pseudonym is Whisprius Reedwell. I am seventeen, almost eighteen and I attend high school as a Junior. I take a variety of different courses, but am most interested in the physical sciences like Physics, Astronomy, and Quantum Mechanics. I actually have an old Astronomy textbook that I've read through for pleasure reading. Pretty nerdy right? At school I partake in the Literary Magazine club and the Dungeons and Dragons club. For those that don't know, Dungeons and Dragons is a table-top dice game. I also play volleyball, ski race, and play clarinet in the band. In my free time I like to read, write, draw, mountain bike, and play video games. Biking is a huge part of my life. During the summer, almost every other day, I go for bike rides of up to thirty miles; sometimes more. The writing I do is also an important part of my life. I've written varies short stories and poems, and am currently working on two books. I'm quite fond of nature, foxes in particular if that wasn't already obvious, and one way or another the crafty, orange furred creatures sneak their way into a lot of my work. In fact, I just recently won my school's writing contest with a story about a fox. My sister has left for college, and sometimes when I miss her I browse through her various sketchbooks as that makes me feel closer to her. Her artistic abilities are incredible and I sometimes wish I could draw as well. When I feel most inspired by her work I find myself rummaging through the office closet hunting for a clean sheet of white paper and a pencil. I have completed various sketches and colored works, but nothing particularly amazing. I've included in this post what I consider to be my best drawing yet. When my hands become too tired of drawing I might find one of my various books and read. I like to read mystery and thriller novels. There is never a dull moment in those types of stories. The most recent books I've read are "Killing Floor" by Lee Child, and "The Fifth Wave" by Rick Yancey. At times, I prefer to play video games over reading. I might pull out my Nintendo 3DS to play Pokemon or maybe I'll go to my Xbox One to play Destiny, Warframe, Call of Duty, or various other games. Or I may boot up my computer to enjoy a relaxing and stress free session of building or chatting on a Minecraft server, or I'll find myself intently focused on the competition in Overwatch, Wizard101, or Quake. Quite often, when I play video games, I play with my friends. Most regard me kind and sometimes too generous, but not matter what, I have a way of bringing smiles to everyone in the room. Sometimes I'll blurt out random funny comments, or I'll make jokes to keep everyone laughing. There are still times when none of my other hobbies interest me. When that happens I set up my clarinet and practice band music. Or I might find sheet music for popular songs just to play. On rarer occasions I even write my own music. My pieces are not very good though, and the only piece I've ever made public was a trumpet and clarinet duet. Below this seemingly massive wall of text are two of my finest poems, a song I wrote, and a colored drawing. Upon seeing the drawing I urge you not to judge me and jump to conclusions as I would not judge you. Thank you.

    "Game of Life"
    By Whispricus

    I sit in my chair,
    I think,
    I wonder,
    Where in the world am I going?

    I sit in my chair,
    Forever there,
    Living a lifelike blurr.

    Where in the world am I going?

    Where to be?
    What to be?
    All unanswerable questions.

    How do I win this “Game of Life”?
    How did it even start?

    Where in the world am I going?

    If am I to choose,
    What I am to do,
    If I am the world,
    And the world is my destiny,
    Where in the world am I going?

    All will end,
    As all has begun.
    And as the end comes,
    So does my answer,
    To the question of life.

    Where in the world am I going?

    I ask myself again and again,
    Where in the world am I going?

    Where in the world am I going?

    By Whispricus

    With not a phrase, I gaze and gaze,

    At a bright light through the haze. This light that shines, 'tis not a fright, but a light that leads, through the night.

    I follow this light with a still heart, ever looking forward, but still

    this light, yet it grows, brighter and brighter step by step.

    Each heavy step bringing me still closer,

    Toward the guardian that shines so bright, and shows us our strength and weakness.

    At last it is found.


    Song By Whispricus

    Rainbow Dash Drawing
    By Whispricus
    (See what I meant about judging me?)

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