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    What's been happening with everything?
    These past 2 weeks have been wild and filled with non-stop work. I've added new features, permissions, fixed issues, done a lot major updates and a whole lot more!
    Where to start...


    I've done some work on the back side of the server getting everything up to date, and also did a lot of work on getting rid of console spam and also making sure that the servers run smoother and with a lot less lag or glitching.
    thumbs up for performance improvements!


    - updates and improvements to this server itself
    - More information about the changes in the hub will be in the store section, however just for a summary, a lot of new cosmetics have been added and some brand new features. they're not complete yet but I'll be slowly rolling them out and adding them to your hub customizers!

    Spoiler: (which you'll soon be able to access on all of our servers) ;)

    - New PvP area
    - Some other unimportant updates.
    --- I haven't been doing a lot with the prison lately as I'm more focusing more on getting everything else updated open and ready to play on, but I will be doing a lot more to the prison soon! ---

    - The main server is just about ready, it is live on the server it's currently being finished up, but a lot of permissions are still missing and not everything is stable, and there still may be lag issues, but I will get this all fixed soon.
    Enjoy it and don't forget to report any issues!

    - Started working on the new creative server spawn. The start of it is currently live on the server however it's not done yet. I will slowly be pushing updates to it on the live server as I get more of it done.
    - Added a lot more permissions giving you access to more commands
    - Added a lot more new blocks that were previously blocked and you couldn't get access too.
    new PvP system (More information in the store area)
    rename system (More information in the store area)


    - New PvP system... to stop people from killing you? /pvp to toggle!
    - New spawn live on the server! (about time I got rid of the trench..)

    - Added kits! (finally...) Since the Survival server is a bit tweaked anyway I figured I should add some kits to it, but nothing major.

    /kit starter
    - Full set of wooden tools
    - 1 cookie
    - Full set of leather armor
    (You can only use this once!)

    /kit tools
    - Full set of wooden tools
    (You can use this once a week.. Just in case!)

    /kit food
    - 6 Cookies
    (You can use this once a day)

    Nothing big yet, however I am working on some new features for the website that I'll be putting up live soon.

    online/offline status next to users profile pictures..

    - Major updates and improvements
    - Reformatted and rewrote everything on the store making it more clear and better to understand.

    - else -

    (the price is still the same for all ranks)

    Temporary Creative Perks

    - Able to change gamemode
    - Able to PvP
    (these can all be unlocked permanently with any other rank you buy)

    Able to change the author/title of a book and unsign it.
    - Able to add glow affect to items

    Able to change item lores
    - Able to add color codes to renamed items

    Can rename items
    - Can get anybody's head

    Now when you buy the All purchasable pets package you get two bonus gadgets instead of one.
    When pigs fly.
    Mob gun
    (price is the same)

    Now when you buy the New Years package you get an all new Disco Ball Gadget with it!
    (Small price increase)

    - OTHER -
    Over the next week all these new commands features and updates will be added to the /help command!

    That's all for now! I'll have a lot more coming soon :D

    Don't forget to report any bugs, or any issues you have here.

    For more information about server plans/updates you can view this thread :)
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