Minor More Server Maintenance and Some Other Information.

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    I wanted to take a minute to let everyone know about the current maintenance I'm doing on the server, today and throughout the rest of the week.
    The server is actually going to be online for a lot of the time, however I'm doing a lot of work off the server which may require me to do some restarts and also keep some servers offline through the week.

    --- New Information About the Factions Server and Everything else ---
    The factions server looks like it will officially be released and opened sometime over the weekend.
    I'm pretty much done with the anti hack and ban system (finally) and they will all shortly be implemented live onto the server.
    Another thing I'm going to do over the week is just fix up the small issues with the server that I normally wouldn't take the time to do, however I feel it's something very necessary to get done now while I still can.
    I'll keep you updated at the end of the week of how things went and also give more information about the factions server opening.

    Have a good day!

    Don't forget to report any bugs, or any issues you have here.

    For more information about server plans/updates you can view this thread :)

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