Newest Updates and some Grand Opening Information!

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    Less than 4 weeks to go until the grand opening of the server
    this is going to be one of the final announcement until then just to give a quick update as to what's changed the past few weeks.

    I fixed an issue with UUID's across the server which were causing some problems with syncing certain data.
    - The server is now twice as fast than it was before (literally!)
    - Fixed issues with how the server was preforming on Survival

    Voting has been removed.
    - Rewards for liking the server on NameMC will be added back before the grand opening.
    - Removed the statues in the hub to join any private servers.

    Updates and changes will be done to the prison before the grand opening.

    Released new major added parts of the spawn
    - More work to Creative will be done before the grand opening.

    The factions server has finally been released and is live on the server!
    (not everything is 100% done but a lot more will be added)
    - More work will be done before the grand opening.

    - Auctions
    Auctions is live and ready to use it's about 99.99% complete any final changes will come before the grand opening

    - Random Teleportation
    Use /rtp to teleport to a random place in the factions world

    Random Teleportation
    Use /rtp to teleport to a random place in the survival world

    - Claiming
    Claiming with claiming blocks now claims a radius of 25x25 instead of the old 20x20
    If you have any claims now you need to re make them in order to get the new updates.

    The second survival server has been removed as I felt there was no real use for it.

    Reworked the forum permissions (this is pretty much done, I just have a few more things to set)
    - an ongoing process of adding new emojis to use on the forums is being done, so expect to see a lot more emojis being added over time! (currently none of them are usable)
    - Added the grand opening countdown!

    - Updates to the /help command
    - The servers anti hack and punishment systems have been released and are active (more updates will be given to them over the next few weeks)

    - All of the work done before the servers grand opening will all be listed in the announcement on August 26th.
    - One more announcement will be made on August 16th which will include information about the servers maintenance before the grand opening.

    Don't forget to report any bugs, or any issues you have here.

    For more information about server plans/updates you can view this thread :)

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