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    What's going on?
    Recently this past week I went through some data loss because of a mistake I made on my part.
    Included in this was all the unreleased information for the server including the punishment system, small survival server updates, faction server information, main server information and the mini games server information and more...
    It will take me some time to get everything back, ready and working. I have been working non stop all week to get and re-configure everything and getting it ready for release. I'll keep you updated on the forums letting you know what's going on and when everything will be fully ready for release (again)
    I'm sorry for the delay, but sometimes things do go wrong and data loss does happen...
    (Keep your information secure and always have backups!)
    Happy playing!

    Don't forget to report any bugs, or any issues you have here.

    For more information about server plans/updates you can view this thread :)​
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