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    This coming week
    I'm going on vacation to another state until Friday so I wanted to make a small announcment to keep everyone updated with everything, and what I've been working on.

    I've made a lot of updates and changes to the server, to help improve it, and also making it faster, and to make the game play a lot smoother.. Like I've said before, this is always an on going change, to help keep everything up to date, and to keep the server at it's fastest preforming speed.

    I just wanted to say that Factions will officially be released to the public within the next 2-3 weeks :)

    I've done major updates to the forums to improve the speed, how to use it, and also got some new small features added, which can also allow me to do more things for the future...

    - OTHER -
    A lot more commands have been added to the /help command, I'm trying to get rid of all the signs and implementing everything to commands, but this will take time, and I am updating slowly.

    One last thing.
    Right before Factions is released I'm going to release an anti hack system on the server, and with it I'm going to be completing the servers ban system. as they will work together. It's not ready yet, but expect it to be implemented soon!
    I will be checking in on the server and will be keeping updated on the website and forums, so if you do need to contact me, you know how :)
    (from the website https://ripswag.com/contact/ or here on the forums!)​

    Don't forget to report any bugs, or any issues you have here.

    For more information about server plans/updates you can view this thread :)

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